Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simply FREE!

Yes. This is true. Can you believe it? A friend of ours sent me a Facebook message on the 31st asking if I might possibly be interested in an oak barrister he was getting rid of.
This kind friend even delivered it to us and set it up. Wow. He was very apologetic about it's condition, but it is TRULY in wonderful condition! Two of the three windows will need replacing, but as luck would have it, one of our daughters-in-law works at a glass company.
THGGM is working to set up an office for himself in our basement. Once he gets it all fixed up and properly arranged I'll try to remember to post more pictures!


Melissa said...

I would kill for it - okay maybe I wouldn't kill - but truly - I love barrister bookshelves.

Andi's English Attic said...

Love them. What a great friend.

We used to have these in the office I worked in during the
80s. The offices must have been updated since then. I wonder what happened to the cabinets?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in oak furniture, except for broken and split parts, that can not be repaired in a satisfying way. Sometimes it needs only a good wash and new polish, someties it needs replacement glass doors or henges, but oakwood is beautiful in itself. In my country in the old days there was spring and autumncleaning. Furniture needed polishing often, what with smoke, dust etc. from the housewarming semi open fires. Then wax would built up inevitably. The women had a solution: 1 glass (50 cc, that is 1/20 th of a litre) of jenever or any other watercoloured liquid in a 5 litre bucket of handwarm water washed away any left wax. I think your cabinet just needs TLC and a bit of elbowgrease and was. I am told male persons are very good at polishing waxed furniture ;-)DM

joyce said...

No freaking kidding!!!
That is an amazing freebie.
Me want.
No. I am happy for you- that's what I meant to say.....

Echoes From the Hill said...

I was lucky enough to inherit my grandfather's barrister bookcases. They were in perfect condition, and my brother said they were junk and should have been thrown away! They are one of my prized possessions!
Yours will be beautiful with a little TLC. Lucky!