Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Find

Christmas Eve found me with A LOT to do. But THGGM and I took a break to go out for breakfast and hit our favorite thrift store. I was surprised that they were open! While we passed crowds in parking lots we were just about the only people at the thrift store. THGGM had a 20% off punch card and I had my eyes set on this jumping horse. Somehow I had it in my head that I NEEDED this.
And, I have to tell you I was correct! On Christmas Day alone I got my $6.00 worth out of it. Even if we had sent it right back to the thrift store the next day, it was worth it. It's VERY sturdy and stood up to the furious bouncing of a good sized five year old and his two younger siblings.
Later we found a small one at an antique mall. It was in rough shape, yet was tagged for over sixty dollars.
I'm thinking we'll be keeping this for a while longer.


Anonymous said...

That is a great find and, might I remind you, there is already one up-follower to the three who used it and one on the way. I think this horsey (do not call it Bullseye please) is to stay with you for quite a few years. Safety first: never let a child use it without a grownup to watch out for to vigourous use. But supervised they are a great joy to all children.DM

Rebecca said...

One summer when our grands came to visit we put an old rocking horse (with rockers, not springs) out on the driveway. We handed the cowboy a rope, fitted him with some oversized cowboy boots and a sort-of-cowboy hat, and he spent HOURS roping the "antlers" of a large re-bar deer that serves as lawn decoration.

I can only imagine the fun your $6 find provided and will CONTINUE to provide for years to come!

(I'm so jealous about those barrister bookshelves I can't compose my thoughts! My husband would swoon over them, and if he had a smaller-sized roll-top desk, he'd be satisfied for life!)

Lori said...

My most favorite toy of all time! There is great joy in the bouncy horse!

The Prairie Homemaker said...

I remember having one of these when I was small. I LOVED riding it wildly!
Thanks for the memories Judy!