Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lenox Swan

Today was one of those days when THGGM's workday ended at 2:00.
He had some errands to run and dropped me off at Nice Twice. The man loves to thrift shop, but only briefly.
Normally we venture in on Saturday for maybe 30 minutes. Which is what we did on Saturday.
I didn't really think there would be much more by Tuesday, but I was wrong.

Sometimes I like to be wrong.
Look what I found, and for $3.50.
A Lenox Swan!
This one's bigger. I like it.


Rebecca said...

How many do you have now? Good for you.

Janie Fox said...

I love them. Every time I go with my friend Bev I see swans and only then. I told her I thinks she is meant to collect them. She thinks I am nuts.

aimee said...

Love it - it's beautiful and a great price too!