Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Never Too Many Pots

Over the weekend we made a stop at our favorite antique places in Spring Lake.  One of them has very high quality antiques and prices to match.  Of course it was there that I found something that I wanted.  A small chamber pot.  I was shocked that the price was so low.  Maybe there is no longer a run on ironstone chamber pots?  Anyway.., I was able to convince THGGM that having a small ironstone chamber pot could only increase the value of our house, what with having another potty and all.  He found the Autumn Cottage magazine.  I'd wanted it when it came out, but thought the 10 dollar price a bit steep as it didn't up the value of our house or anything.  Usually magazines in antique stores cost about a dollar, which seems reasonable to me.  So the woman at the desk rang up the adorable small ironstone chamber pot, wrapped it, put it in a bag, and stuck in the magazine.  THGGM looked at her and said, "You forgot to charge me for the magazine."  Her reply was, "I get so many magazines that I just bring them here when I'm done and give them away."  Well now.  That adorable small ironstone chamber pot with the 'Royal Ironstone' stamp on the bottom of it just became MUCH better priced!


Melissa said...

Super duper cool!!

Andi's English Attic said...

I don't wish to brag, but I have two chamber pots. I didn't get a free magazine with either. xx

aimee said...

What a kind lady she was, to bring in her magazines and give them away like that! And that chamber pot's great - would fit in with a lot of decors.

Alice said...

My patient's family received a grant to build a bathroom where he can be brought in to be showered.

The guy that came in to make the recommendation said, "you have another bathroom downstairs, right?"

-Nope, no basement.

"Oh, guess we will have to put a porta potty in your driveway!"

I suggested a few chamber pots for this winter!