Friday, January 28, 2011


One of my favorite things to search for in my thrifting is game pieces. My preference is for OLD game pieces, but occasionally I'll find something newer that looks like fun for my grandchildren.
Quite a long time ago I found this ballet card game. Since Famke was to young to play the game, which was missing one card anyway, we would just draw a card and she would practice doing the poses.
For 50 cents, it was a lot of fun for her.

Quite awhile later I found another set. This one was also marked 50 cents. My hope was that I would at least gain the missing card.
When I got it home I noticed that the cards were still wrapped! Since Famke is not quite 3 1/2, I'm saving it until she is old enough to actually play the game.

Monday while we were crafting at the kitchen table, I got the idea to turn the old set into a little 'book' for her.
Like most little girls, her favorite color is pink, so I chose the pink ones first.
I punched a little hole in the corner and added a ring. To punch up the effect a bit I added some ribbon.
The 'pages' flip easily, and now Famke has a book - all in pink - about ballet!


Rebecca said...

When I can get through the snow out to our "cabin bedroom", I'll take a picture of a drawer full of miscellaneous and vintage game pieces! I have quite a little collection myself :)

But you've expanded my horizons with this post! Very clever, Judy!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Just found your thrifty blog - its fab - looking forward to reading your posts. Scarlett x

katie jean said...

I love finding cards too! These are cute ones and I'm sure any girl who loves pink will love these sweet cards :)