Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Dollar

For me, the most surprising finds at my neighborhood thrift store are doilies. I know that they are long out of style, but the work that goes into one? They should cost hundreds of dollars. I know this, because I once bought a crochet book, a hook, and some thread and set off to learn to crochet a doily while my family played along the beaches of Lake Michigan. It is tediously hard work. If I remember correctly, I got something about the size of a silver dollar except it would not lay flat.
this piece is not crochet, and it doesn't look like tatting either.
But it's beautiful and flawless and works perfectly for me!

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Melissa said...

I totally agree!!

This year at the church arts and crafts show, there was a lady who showed tons of doilies and I found it sad because I know that someday she will die and they will be in a thrift store for a dollar for someone like me to buy - which is a shame when one considers how much work went into it.