Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animal Rummy

A complete deck of these adorable Animal Rummy cards for only 39 cents.

I'm hoping to turn them into book markers.

If I only make one and sell it for one dollar I'll have more than doubled my money!


Melissa said...

Be still my beating heart!!

Anonymous said...

Those are too cute. You could always sell them online...they would be snatched up in nothing flat!
You've got such great ideas.

Take extra good care,

Alice said...

Ahh crap, I had a set of those when I was little . . . I think they were handed down from another's childhood, but still . . . I had them!

joyce said...

I love love love those old graphics. Amazing find.

katie jean said...

they are so cute! did you make anything with them? I would just love to sit and pick one out that had my fav animal or picture on it :)