Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worn Out Little Leather Shoes

Today found me slowly meandering through the coldest antique mall on earth.
I'm sure of it. Thankfully, while shopping in a winter coat, I'd rather be cold than hot.
Although, today the cold was a bit much.
BUT! The shopping was good!
I found a lot of things for which I was interested in the price. Prices are extremely good at antique malls around here lately. Wish I had money.
Still, I was happy to find these cute little leather shoes. Poor girl. You can easily see that she wore them long after she should have had a larger pair. That reminded me of a little girl I once knew. So, since they were half price, I bought them. I did find one other thing. A large yellow Pyrex mixing bowl that matches the other three bowls my mom had. This one looks a bit newer than her set, but knowing me, I'll age it rapidly.


lori said...

simply adorable!!

joyce said...

those are gorgeous