Saturday, January 30, 2010

Buzzy Bee

Today I found a few fun things. Some of them are too weird to photograph. Or, so I've been told.
I bought a few dozen old diaper pins. I've NO idea why. My diaper-wearing grandchildren wear disposable diapers. Another purchase was several feet of an aqua silky ribbon. Can't explain it. Also, two luncheon size plates to add to my Yorktown Phaltzgraff collection. Because I had no plates that size. This seemed totally reasonable to me, but caused THGGM to ask why we needed them. NEED? Who said anything about need?
But the Fisher Price Buzzy Bee?!
I bought him because he is just too too cute!
Isn't he?
I'll need only to add a string. And a child. Yes. This will be fun!

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