Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pyrex Mixing Bowls

The three bowls on the inside used to belong to my mom.
THGGM found the yellow bowl at an antique mall a few months ago.
It seems to me that the original yellow bowl would have been a little bit 'golder' than this more lemon-y yellow one. But, it works for me!
I used to have all four bowls in pink, that had been THGGM's grandmother's left in her house which we purchased after she died.
All that's left of that set is just the smallest pink bowl.
I'm rather clumsy, if you haven't already noticed.


Anonymous said...

Actually, your yellow bowl is the correct one. I have collected several sets, one bowl at a time, over for the years for my girls, and for myself. I am always on the "hunt" for vintage Pyrex. I have also collected the covered refrigerator bowl sets for all of us. They are getting harder to find, however.

Simply Thrift said...

Thanks, nancyr!

I just gave my one remaining pink bowl to my youngest son. It's his favorite cereal bowl.