Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frame Embellishments

It's been ten days, and I haven't been inside of a thrift store.
Yet there is still plenty to photograph and comment on.
See the cardboard frame?
THGGM's family had MANY of these. I've made things out of them in the past, but this particular one was rather beat-up.
I've been looking at the line of Tim Holtz Grunge Board products at Michale's Craft Store, but the letter set that I was looking at was $10. I could envision them on these frames. The Grunge Board texture is great, and I was SO SURE that these would enhance the old stained card board frames.
Well, along came a 50% off coupon, and for five dollars the set of letters is mine!
Really. The letters and the frame work together nicely. The letters attached easily with an ordinary glue stick. They were a silvery grey to begin with, so no painting was necessary.
I like it.

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