Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boutonniere Dishes

Yesterday, while THGGM unloaded the last of the leaves at the leave dump, I went to the 50% off everything sale at the thrift store.
How convenient that they are right next door to each other, no?
I found six of these plates, each marked one dollar. So, for three dollars my collection is growing!
I did feel REALLY bad about missing out on the entire set a few weeks back, so this will help.
And now I have ALL THIS!

coffee pot
six small plates
six dinner plates
one small bowl
one saucer
It's a start!
And look! I even made it look a smidge Christmas-y with the greens and the aqua ornaments!
I think in the 60's you HAD to have these dishes. They are not terribly hard to find.
Still, I'm having fun collecting them piece by piece.
I am SOOO easily entertained.


Andi's English Attic said...

Weirdly, it's sometimes disappointing to find a lot of what you collect in one go. It kind of takes the thrill of the hunt out of it. Your collection is building up nicely. xx

kenda said...

I have this same set. I have tons of plates, tea cups and saucers, sandwich plates, a serving platter, two casserole dishes and two boat shaped things. I've been looking everywhere for more of the set, but can't find it much around here... good luck with your search :-)