Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've Fallen for Fall

I found this cute quilted pumpkin at my local thrift store. Almost passed on it, but then remembered that we've been trying to add more color on the breeze way using a bunch of old quilts. So, I got it. It's tag said it is from International Silver. Hmm.

And, it does seem to fit right in out there!
The old and VERY comfortable rocker is covered with two pillow shames, which I thrifted for a dollar. They are just laying over the cushions. For a few years the chair was covered in a yellow table cloth that was pinned here, there, and almost everywhere. These are MUCH easier! When they need washing (which, come to think of it, they probably DO) I can just pluck them off and wash them!
And there you have the 'simple' part of "Simply Thrift"!

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