Sunday, September 13, 2009

Molded Jello Is In My Future

At least now there is hope for it! Having unmolded a few large jellos in my life, the thought of unmolding a bunch of small ones seems a bit daunting. So, this will more than likely appear as little works of something in the future. I've already got quite a few, but I like to 'have my cake (or, jello!) and eat it too' which is somthing I've been told cannot be done. One of my favorite local antique malls - which has very good prices, mostly - has bags of eight - ten molds for around six dollars. All twenty-five of these were in one bag marked $2.50 at my favorite local thrift store.


Anonymous said...

I've seem photos of the tiny molds being used to hold votive candles.
Easier to get out than jello!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! Found you through a facebook relative and I think I am a kindred spirit!

Simply Thrift said...

Amy Powers at paints the tin molds and decorates them like little cakes. They are SOO cute!

Always looking for kindred spirits!