Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just What We Were Looking For

THGGM installed really bright track lighting in our pink bathroom.
Still, we have been looking for a more ambient way of lighting to use when we don't need 'surgical grade' light.

And look!
Today while we were shopping at Somewhere in Thyme (on Chicago Dr. in Grandville) he found this lamp!
It's perfect!
The only problem I'm having with it is how to hide the ugly green (green? green!) cord.
I love how the flowers on the lamp match the applique on the guest towels.
I found two great things there also.
Another of the 'pink tulip dutch girl' drinking glass (pictured further below) and...
a lovely old flannel quilted blanket. Two years ago I found one at an antique store and Jonge took to it immediately. This one is crib size, and only needs a few stitches. Amazing how soft and warm it is (see below).

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Anonymous said...

HI,just love that way you decorate and the little nice touches you add to your room!! one day I hopefully will have a blog so I can share some of my ideas