Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Reading Corner

Well. This seems to be the best I can do in getting a picture of THGGM's purchase at the 50% off sale at our favorite thrift store (Nice Twice on 28th in Grandville).
It's a deeper color than this washed-out picture shows.
Anyway, it is giving me a nice little reading corner in the bedroom.
The chair is a Thomasville, and it is VERY comfortable. So comfortable in fact that I must move the cat anytime I want to sit there.
Today they had a wonderful old desk - the kind I remember my elementary school teachers having. It was $125.00.
I wanted it. But, I have learned that I do not always get what I want.
A year or so ago a similar desk sold for $25.00.
Times, they are a changing.

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aimee said...

Thanks for mentioning the name of the thrift shop. Never fear, though - it's far enough away that I won't go there all the time and snatch up stuff that you would have gotten! :)