Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wash, Cut, Sew

Today while cleaning out my closet, I found a wool vest that I used to wear ALL THE TIME.
I hear that it is a problem many with my personality type have, but I grow strongly attached to certain articles of clothing.
This vest was one of them.
But, it was clearly time to turn this into something else, so I washed it in very hot water, attempted to dry it in the dryer (WAY too much woolly lint) and cut it up!
It was clearly too thick to sew using my machine, so I hand sewed both pieces. Easy blanket stitching.

Then I remembered seeing on someone's blog, squares of felted wool used for coasters. I have eight 4 inch squares. I'm trying to decide if I want eight flat coasters, or four thicker ones with cinnamon and cloves sewn inside.
Another problem I have. Getting carried away with an idea.

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Yvonne said...

Those look great! You are so creative!