Thursday, October 16, 2008

These Are Two of My Favorite Things

A few years ago I found an oval etched glass piece and thought that perhaps dozens of them would look lovely attached to the two French doors at the entry doors of the house we lived in at the time.

I made it to three before that clanging and banging of the pieces against the windowpanes every time the doors were used got to be a bit much.

But you know how it is, once one develops an 'eye' for something, one starts to see them everywhere.

So, I have moved on from the etched kind, to THIS kind, although I really do not know how to describe them.

I first found the one in the lower picture. I believe it is a Guttman.

Then, just a few months ago I found the one in the top picture.

I LOVE it. The colors are so vivid.

I know that to the untrained eye, these are just pieces of junk picked up at a thrift store for under a dollar.

But, to me?

To me they are priceless works of art, available to the masses!

(oh. i am just sooooo easy to please.)


Simply Thrift said...

I have tried EVERYTHING to get this post to print without the single letters running down the right side of the first picture. Do you see it that way, too?


Sorry. I DO try.

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

I see it...I thought you wrote "ass piece" and then I had to look again...I knew you wouldn't write something like that.

I'll have to look for these things for you. I'm already looking at everything else while thinking "I wonder if Judy would buy that?".

Simply Thrift said...

Oh, Lanie. We HAVE to meet sometime!

I've had the words print funny like that before, but I've been able to adjust it. These words just WILL. NOT. BUDGE.

And, the 'ass piece' part. I am SO embarrassed.