Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Find

 I was very sad when Sunday came cold and rainy.  Our plan was to go to the Allegan Antiques Flea Market, but it was so dark to the south of us that we headed north instead.  I found these along the lake shore between Holland and Grand Haven.  And this isn't all.  There are three more canisters and six spice jars.  What a deal.  I have wanted a set for a very long time.  They aren't perfect, but the price was.  And when we went to pay we discovered that they were also on sale.  And yes, I am going to use them.  My Truvia is in the sugar canister and my green tea is in the tea canister.


Jeannie Marie said...

You never know where life leads. I try not to be disappointed when plans go awry. How fortunate for you!

Anonymous said...

When I have to pay big money, I do mind imperfect, my perfect money is spend at that moment. But if prices are right and considering the imperfectness, and it is what I want to have eagerly, then I shrug my shoulders and think "Well, I could have caused that myself". After all, I have not the money sources of billionaires. I am not perfect, you know, I drop things from time to time, I bang things that can be broken, so, I might feel a little disappointment about the flaw, but I leave happily with the item, unless it is an ugly flaw, then I wait for a better opportunity. I like my copper kettle I bought on the cheap! a few weeks ago, it is a genuine before the 1930's one, well used, but somebody (not me) dropped it on its spout. That is now not round, but a little flattened, just as such kettles become after years of boiling water many times a day. It does not leak, completely functional. I guess I won't have to do the banging and hammering people do to make the lightweight make believe brandnew kettles look old.( Big grin.) You did well, Judy, that weather was a blessing in disguise. DM