Sunday, November 13, 2011

Such Cheap Fun

The bird house bank looked a wee bit lonely.
So, I added four trees and a boy.
Of course, I'm only going to build on it from here.

I wonder if there are people who buy thrifted decor each season and then just give it back after Christmas?

It might be great fun!


Protector of Vintage said...

Love it!!

Rebecca said...

Cheap fun is the best! You make me want to start MY "Christmas building". (Actually, I DID begin - in the upstairs room of my dollhouse.)

I like your Wedgewood bowl. I'll just bet you find another one soon!

Have you thought of tying a red plaid wool scarf around the necks of your swan?

aimee said...

Cheap fun indeed! I've been seeing a TON of people cruising the Christmas aisles at our Bibles for Mexico thrift store - fortunately most of them don't seem to have the same tastes as me.