Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sorry Kids

THIS was my FAVORITE find! AMAZING price, and at an antique mall no less.
Even the cashier did a double-take and pronounced it a fabulous deal.
But, my children. They will not understand.
Expecially since I HATED that doll head in the first Toy Story movie.
Seriously. I am just too easy to buy for. Find an old doll along the side of the road, rip it's head off and wrap it up for me for Christmas. I would be thrilled.

1 comment:

joyce said...

I am so impressed that they put it out for sale. Our local thrift shop is too practical, and they throw out all the good junk.

I totally get it. The doll head in toy story creeped me out too. But with this one- YOU are in control! and you won't be attaching that pretty head to a spider body or something awful like that.