Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Remembrance Trinkets

Several years ago I began collecting things that reminded me of my grandpa. My mom's dad.
I had a lovely old box that I'd hoped to turn into a shadow box of sorts.
My first find was the "Bartje" figure. Next came two tiny wooden shoes. Then, a bowling pin and some dominoes. Old wooden bingo pieces marked his birth date. And I even found an old Dutch Bible.
This weekend I found one more piece. A small Boston Terrier.
I'm not so sure about the shadow box idea anymore.
Maybe I'll just make them a paper house around which they can all stand, looking expectant.
I'll be looking for a small Friesen Flag.

1 comment:

katie jean said...

the boston terrier is cute! but the bible you came across sounds very interesting. good luck putting it all together :)