Friday, April 2, 2010

Using What I Have

Since I haven't been in an antique mall or a thrift store in 38 days I've been using my resources to make my work spaces in my basement more usable.

If I showed you the REAL before pictures you would faint. There were SO many cardboard boxes FULL of stuff it was unbelievable.


These cabinets have been with us for years now. Both thrift finds.

I'm still a fan of chippy white furniture, so I dragged them down here with a little bit of help.

Seeing the two sitting there side by side gave me the idea to put that old white door on top of them and slide my sewing table between the two.

That REALLY got me going, and I could not stop.

Today I slid an old linen table cloth over the top of the door and down the back.

I like the looks of that, as it is softer than a cement wall.

My sewing machine was a gift.
Everything else in these pictures?
Thrift/antique/clearance/coupon finds.
I have eleven picnic baskets.
I thought I only had ten, but today I found another one.
Those and wire baskets I just cannot get enough of. So great for storage!
If I get a chance, I'll try to hone in on some of the individual pieces.
Oh, and I don't sew things like clothes. Mostly just dolls, toys and things with seams that should be straight and easy but always end up crooked whenever I attempt them.


Andi's English Attic said...

It looks so pretty and cosy. I can imagine it as an illustration for a fairy tale about a magic seamstress! xx

Helsbells said...

It looks so lovely, perfect for crafting.

Alice said...

Well done, and picture perfect!
A well spent Lent.

Karen said...

So fun to see more pictures. I love it!