Saturday, December 12, 2009

Won't Need to Dream about It this Year

Surprisingly, with all of the Christmas music books I've amassed over the years, none of them have White Christmas.
So, I was exceptionally excited to find the sheet music today.
Holiday Inn is one of my all time favorite movies, so having that on the front was an extra little thrill.
Another plus, it's written in the key of C, so I will be able to actually PLAY it, and it will work with the bells!

I told THGGM that HE would be able to play the bell part, just like in the movie.
It didn't seem to have the same exciting effect on him as it did on me.
Oh, well.
I'm still happy!


Ginny said...

Thank you for your post; I too adore Holiday Inn the movie, what a find to get the music. To die for! Great website, merry Christmas to you.

Ben & Ange said...

I must tell you that I simply adore this blog! While we have never met I feel as if you and I share a bond over the great finds at Thrift shops. This blog makes me smile, BIG. I stumbled upon it one day and I thought to myself, "This lady is a kindred spirit" I love the items that you buy and I appreciate all the cute photos that you post with your comments. This brings me joy. I too have collected items from thrift shops over the years and while the treasures are junk to some I appreciate their novelty and decoration! Thank you for bringing happiness and joy into my life through sharing your great finds. Angela M