Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Pay More for Christmas Decor?

I cannot quite explain why, but I love these little skiers! The lower two I found a few years apart. I'm sure they are nothing special - maybe from the dollar store - but I'm crazy about them. They show up each Christmas season, somewhere in my home.
Yesterday I stopped into my favorite thrift store looking for little boy snowpants. Of course, as long as I'm THERE, I had to look around.
I found the top skier hanging on a Christmas tree. He doesn't have the attached pile of snow and tree holder, so let's just use our imagination and pretend he is ski jumping, shall we?
Is it obvious that I'm not too particular about my Christmas decorations? I never really realized it before, but I like that sort of jumbled up look.
The hanging skier cost 25 cents. I've gotten that much enjoyment out of him already.

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