Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free As Ceramic Birds in a Wooden Cage

For some time now I've had my eye out for a smaller bird cage.  I saw this one a few weeks back and wished it were mine.  Last weekend I had a wee bit of cash to spend on me, and since I've been trying to spring it up in here I bought it.  It now sits on my piano.  Wouldn't it be nice if I took a picture of what the top of the piano looks like now?  Yes.  That would be nice.  But the top of the piano is also where I put everything I don't want little people to mess with.  So it's a mess up there.  But soon, soon I'll get a better picture.  I sort of promise.


Rebecca said...

Yes, you really MUST show the whole piano top. It gives a sense of scale to the cage, etc. And it's only fair to see it all :)

Nice! It really IS a neat cage!

(By the way, it is getting harder and harder to prove that I'm not a robot. This is my 3rd go around. Thought I might as well leave an additional comment.)

aimee said...

Nice find! But hey, everyone needs a spot safe from little people when they come over!