Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swan Planter

Our favorite antique mall in Elk Rapids did not disappoint. It never does.

I found this McCoy swan planter in a wooden bowl filled with sea shells.

I had to buy it. Not the bowl or the sea shells, just the swan.

Because I knew I had its mate at home.

Excuse me for being so excited that I couldn't even hold my camera straight.

I never intended to collect swans.

Once, I saw them used as baby shower 'favors' in an article I saw in an old Home Companion magazine.

Now I just can't be stopped.


Mary @ Redo 101 said...

So exciting that you found the twin! Love the look in your hutch. Great score!


Rebecca said...

More than "its mate"! Looks to be its whole extended family! Well done!