Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Found the old flower frog at Ditto in Holland today. Is $4.50 a good price for this? I was not sure. It did come with a dead bee in it.

Just in time to hold up my thrifted Easter greeting.

Blessings to you and yours -

From me and mine!


Mitzi said...

Ok,this is getting creepy. I have been looking for a flower frog like you found forever. My husband and I drove to an antique mall yesterday. I made sure he kept his eyes open for a ff. Did find 2 Johnson Bros plates with the hangers on for $2.00 each at a thrift store there.
Happy Easter.

Rebecca said...

I have a few "frogs" similar to this. Price is relative (as you've probably found out). With that dead bee in it, I'd say you got a bargain!

aimee said...

Not sure if it's a good price or not, but these have been featured in shelter magazines so the price may have reflected that. I have found Ditto to be very uneven in pricing things, though of course I don't complain when something is wildly underpriced!

Still, a charming item and I'm sure you'll enjoy using it for displays.