Friday, July 23, 2010

Four Plus More

It was a good day for thrift shopping. I went with my sister. Unlike THGGM, she isn't constantly saying, "I need to lay down!"
When I bought my copy of "The History of Philosophy" I saw this book too, but didn't realize they had the same author. So, when I went back today it was still there. And, well.., you know what THAT means! I HAD to buy it. Now I'll have the fun of hunting down the other volumes.
Songbooks are necessities at my house. This one is wonderful. I spent about 30 minutes tonight playing through my favorites. And how COULD I go wrong? It's the 'all-year-long' songbook!

Normally I do not buy books with witches pictured on the cover. But I made an exception for "The Blue Fairy Book".

And would you look at this? The picture isn't very good, as the book is almost a navy blue.., but it's a VERY nice copy of "The Birds' Christmas Carol"! And it was only a dollar! I nearly fell over.
It has an inscription dated 1927.
LOVE it.
Not pictured are two other books I found, one is a "Touch and Feel" book of trucks and also a Sandra Boynton book that I didn't have.

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