Sunday, July 26, 2009

Only When I Cross My Eyes Do I See Two

Wednesday when I went to the thrift store with my sister, I saw that they still had two chairs just like this.
I was SOOO excited (i contain my excitement really well in my real life - not so much on my blog).
I told THGGM all about it, as we have been looking for a pair of chairs like this for years. The style, the color, the slightly worn look, fits well with us - especially the worn look. We have that look down.
Anyway.., he didn't seem interested at all.
Until Saturday, when I pointed out this ONE chair to him.
He LOVED it. Wished there were two, he said.
So, we have a 'new' chair. It replaces the really uncomfortable green one. THGGM had a 20% punch card he'd been hanging on to for something good.
Oh, and that isn't a worn spot on the lower right hand side of the picture. It's kind of shiny material, and the sun is shining on it. When I posted the picture I ran in there to check it out. It's all good.
Not that I'm bitter or anything. No. Not me.
I'm fairly sure that when I talk to THGGM, 9 times out of 10 he hears that sound that the Peanuts characters hear whenever an adult is talking.

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Jacquelyn said...

My 90 yr old aunt had this exact chair, uh, I think she had two of them! Although hers were aqua colored I believe. Weren't they from the '50's? Her sons bought the home they grew up in and refurbished to look exactly as they remembered it, after close to 40 years of being away, and my aunt got to live there a couple years before she died last year. Well, I hope you get the other chair!