Saturday, April 11, 2009

Four Little Finds

Just a few interesting pieces of dishware today. I thought the top bowl was lovely, the second bowl, although plastic, is charming due to it's having the alphabet on it, the third is a pattern I am adding to piece by 15 cent piece, and the last one? Well. That is the pattern of my 'everyday' dishes. I love that shade of blue. Always have. And, since it seems like nobody else likes this pattern anymore, I'm able to pick up LOTS of pieces of that for cheap. I might have to go back. THGGM told me that the dinner size plates were only 50 cents. I'll have to think about that.


Mary said...

When I was growing up somebody had those carnation pattern dishes. I can't remember who it was, but I can remeber them. Isn't it amazing what the mind remembers?

Bon said...

My younger brother and his wife have that pattern for their dishes. Had it since they were married in 1974. They still like it. So do I.